Labour Local Government Conference


Join us this weekend at the Labour Local Government Conference

  • Sat 9th February  | Breakout session 14.05 – 15:05 | Room – 30 Radcliffe

Should Labour enable Active travel for the many, not just the brave?

Last year one London borough saw an increase in walking so large last year that life expectancy in the borough was raised.

The panel will explore the politics of movement and how local councils can use transport policy to deliver on Labour’s public health, social justice inclusion and environmental values while winning votes.

  • Clyde Loakes – Deputy Leader, Waltham Forest Council (Panel Chair)
  • Phil Glanville – Mayor, Hackney
  • Mandie Shilton Godwin – Active travel lead – Manchester City Council
  • Matt Rodda MP – Shadow Local Transport Minister

Questions will include:

  • Should our communities prioritize autonomous kids over autonomous cars?
  • Who are we excluding from active travel (walking & cycling) by accepting the status quo on our roads?
  • What are school streets and why are they becoming so popular?
  • Is it possible to close roads to motor traffic and win votes?