Health & Active Travel

The UK is fighting an inactivity epidemic causing a rise in a host of diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Public Health England, NICE and leading health trusts see active travel, the embedding of exercise into daily routines, as the key to fighting this epidemic.

The party of the NHS and ‘Health for all’ needs to evolve into the party of active travel for all.


Councils in England and Wales now have responsibilities that cover both health and transport infrastructure.  Labour councils that use their road budgets as a tool for healthier communities and reducing pressure on the NHS are seizing key opportunities to serve their communities.

Cycling – Over 65-year-olds

These small changes in our road infrastructure have a profound impact on making cycling more accessible to all.

Daily cycling is the norm for those over 65 in the Netherlands and this is facilitated by their being space for cycling – both protected routes and modally filtered roads.

Cycling  – Disabled

The groundbreaking work of Wheels for Wellbeing has shown just how empowering cycling infrastructure can be for those with a disability.

Even with the present poor standard of infrastructure in the UK the 2011 census shows that 5.1% of cyclists have some form of disability vs 6.8% of other commuters.











ravest – Our streets must support everyday cycling and walking.

The party of the NHS must now take the lead the embedding of active travel in the lives of millions across the UK.  To fail to do so would be to fail Britain in our unique history with the NHS.