What & why:

Labour Cycles is a constituted community of Labour members committed to ensuring that everyone has the ability to be involved in active travel.

We believe our communities need:

  • An increased share of the transport budget for cycling infrastructure
  • A commitment to space for cycling with protected tracks on major roads and modal filters as appropriate on quieter roads.
  • A fundamental change in UK road design and standards to enable cycling and walking
  • Ambitious national targets for active travel rates.

Join the discussion ahead of a formal submission to the Labour Policy Forum in 2018.


Social Justice

The impact of hostile streets is disproportionately felt by women, young people and the elderly – who are excluded from using a cheap, clean mode of transport to complete short distances.

Labour councils need to stand up for these groups and ensure that travelling short distances by bike is easy, attractive and safe.

Health & Active Travel

The UK is fighting an inactivity epidemic causing a rise in a host of diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Public Health England, NICE and leading health trusts see active travel, the embedding of exercise into daily routines, as the key to fighting this epidemic.

The party of the NHS and ‘Health for all’ needs to evolve into the party of active travel for all.

Building local businesses

Local shops and businesses are the biggest winners when cycling is enabled in our communities.

Evidence from across the UK and globally shows local residents travelling by bike spend more and do so more frequently than car-drivers.