Labour Cycles is a group of Labour members and representatives committed to ensuring that everyone has the ability to be involved in active travel.

We want to see a national manifesto that delivers high quality protected cycling infrastructure across the UK and an increased share of the UK transport budget.

We are keen to hear from like-minded party members who feel they can help with:

  • Lobbying at a national level in the party around a manifesto commitment
  • Making the case online, through video and other means for cycling based on Labour values.

Contact us on info@labourcycles.org.  We are actively looking for members across the country who want to be involved in this conversation ahead of a submission to the Labour Policy Forum.

Management committee

Inaugural committee, positions will be decided in March:

  • Jill Axford  (Stretford)
  • Jill Borcherds (Stevenage)
  • Cllr Demirci (Hackney)
  • Judy Mallaber (Amber)
  • Mandie Shilton Godwin (Manchester)
  • Louise Collins (Sefton Central)
  • Gwenda Owen (Cardiff)
  • Terry Patterson (Poplar)
  • Philip Benstead (Westminster)
  • Jono Kenyon (Hackney)
  • Christian Wolmar (Islington N)
  • Roger Stocker (Lewisham)
  • Ken Spence (Leeds)
  • Ian Lovegrove (Sale)
  • Rob Reed 
  • Chris Kenyon (Islington South)

Website content

Photo Credits: Evo Lucas (Full rights reserved)

Content: Chris Kenyon, Islington South. (contact via info@labourcycles.org)

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