“The more we can encourage people to leave the car at home for shorter journeys, the better we can reduce congestion on our roads – massively improving our carbon footprint and the quality of the air we breathe.

I want to start an active travel revolution here in the Liverpool City Region ”

“We’ve been hearing loud and clear from residents in Lambeth that how we use our public spaces needs to change to make people’s lives better and to address the climate crisis.

In 2021 we held a Citizen’s Assembly where people told us they wanted it to be easier to walk, cycle, and wheel around Lambeth. People said they wanted more space for socialising, including safe space for children to run and play, and more greenery on the streets.”

“We want to make West Yorkshire better-connected with a greener, simpler and cheaper transport network.

“Cycling, walking and wheeling have a vital role to play and it is fantastic that we’ve been recognised as one of the best places in the country to do that.

“70% of our households live in flats and a third of our children live in poverty, and the majority of households do not own a car. Running through all of this is an equalities issue.”

“I want to see safe and segregated provision delivered on Superhighway routes, quiet ways and in our town centres, as well as many more cycle storage and parking spaces”